Own a piece of history.

Malachai Rising is the unique digitally hand painted artwork from Ghoulish, Gary Pullin that was used on the Children of the Corn motion picture soundtrack EP album, CD, and cassette tape.

The physical print of the artwork is signed by the actor and the artist and is included with the digital NFT on OpenSea.

In 1984 Courtney Gains shocked audiences with his performance as Malachai Boardman in Stephen King’s classic Children of the Corn. Gains’ first role in a major motion picture made him an instant star, and the character of Malachai a legendary figure of 80’s pop culture.

The film, which earned 16 times more than it cost to make at the box-office, inspired 10 sequels translated to over 15 languages, and a made-for-TV movie. 

The phrase Children of the Corn has become ingrained in the cultural lexicon as a description of children misbehaving.

The Malachai Rising NFT includes the actual original 1 of 1 signed physical artwork by Ghoulish that was featured on the Remastered Children of the Corn Motion Picture Soundtrack cover. The Malachai Rising masterpiece is signed by actor Courtney Gains and artist Gary Pullin.

Courtney Gains and Gary Pullin (Ghoulish) have created this NFT project to bring together the incredible community of Children of the Corn fans. All tokens include membership and access to future perks.  If you are new to NFTs, take a look at the FAQ.

Selections from the Malacahi Rising NFT Collection are listed below.

Malachai Rising
Malachai Rising - Variant 1 - Outline
Malachai Rising - Variant 4 - Classic 3D

NFT artwork inspired
by the ’80’s horror icon

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The Event Collection

Hansen’s Cafe Menu Gift NFTs (1,984 / 1,984)

Variant 1 – Outline (Limited Edition – Closes October 31)

Variant 2 – Lenticular (Limited Edition – Closes October 31)

Variant 3 – Hologram (Limited Edition – Closes October 31)

Variant 4 – Classic 3D (Limited Edition – Closes October 31)

Variant 5 – Fire (Free With Purchase of Variants 1, 2, 3, & 4)

Phrase Card 1 – “Outlander!” – (200 / 200)

Phrase Card 2 – “He Wants You Too!” (200 / 200)

Malachai Rising – Includes Signed Physical Print (1 / 1)

The Road Ahead

Drops, Swag, Comic Books, Action Figures, Meetups, and more.  Share your ideas of what direction the project should take in the Malachai Rising community.  Holders of Malachai Rising NFTs will have one vote per token.

Be part of history.

The Team

Actor - Courtney Gains

Courtney Gains

Co-Founder – Actor – Played Malachai in the 1984 film Children of the Corn.


Artist - Gary Pullin

Gary Pullin – Ghoulish

Co-Founder – Artist – Painted the Malachai Rising NFT and Hansen’s Cafe Menu.


Larry Turner

Co-Founder – NFT Specialist – Prepared Malachai Rising for Auction.


You - NFT Holder


The Malachai Rising Community – Active in shaping the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Malachai Rising is an online event created by Courtney Gains and Gary Pullin. It fulfills their vision to bring together fans of the character Malachai in the 1984 film Children of the Corn using blockchain technology. By owning a token from the Malachai Rising collection, you become a member, gain special access to perks, and have voting power to guide the community’s future.

Courtney has chosen NFT technology to turn the idea of the classic fan club on its head. NFTs offer a transferable and sellable membership with built-in security, permanence, and inherent value.

You need Ethereum (ETH) to buy Malachai Rising. You can buy ETH on Coinbase or in your Metamask Wallet

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